Giuliani simply -destroys- Fox News host "Kennedy" for baseless defamation - [ENJOY] [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Oct 28 06:15:14 PDT 2020

The brazen attacks, gaslighting, lies and worse, by the "Main" Stream
"Media" is an amazing show.

Giuliani thankfully has an impeccable record, impeccable facts, and an
impeccable and sharp mind to immediately put in her place Fox Business

   Lisa "Defaming Harpie" Montgomery,

who for reasons of vain and significance stealing self sullying, names
herself "Kennedy" on air (well, that last bit is conjecture...).

Well done Giuliani!  And -that's- how it's done :)

   "You Better Apologize For That!": Rudy Giuliani Goes Nuclear
    On Fox Host After Christopher Steele Comparison

~2mins vid direct:
youtube-dl -o \

Both the article and the vid are pretty short muh peeps - AND Giuliani
ends the interview on her and DOES NOT shift ground!

Quite analogous to a mic drop ;)

What, a champion!  GO Giuliani!  What a team!!?!!  YEAH!

Again, imagine how utterly wrecked you must feel if you were normally a
LibDem voter/ Biden voter etc.  My God that must hurt!

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