People Hacking Votes Right Now Fwd: OR/WA Election System Flawed: Votes Changed by Black Hatters

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Wed Oct 28 02:37:21 PDT 2020

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 06:20:53AM +0000, jim bell wrote:
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> >> Which is a mighty good indication that election is not legitimate.
>  >   are you still going to say that if the orange monkey 'wins'?
> If Trump wins, I have no doubt that the Democrats will claim that they were tricked into selecting Biden, by what will be called the ruse of concealing the news of Hunter Biden's laptop from the country.   And it appears now that this will have been quite correct. And even if Joe Biden wins, 'the Democrats' will eventually use this concealment of the laptops' evidence to 'explain' why they chose Biden.    They will say, "It wasn't our fault!  We didn't see enough evidence of Joe Biden's guilt prior to and during the primary/caucus season to cause us to reject him!.   If we had heard about those laptops at the same time the FBI did, we wouldn't have chosen him or voted for him!"
> What would be wrong with that claim?   I don't think anything is wrong with it, unless we hear other material.  

The DemRATs and their MSNBCNNPC lame stream propagandia have already declared that the laptop from hell is a Russian disinformation smear campaign against Biden.

It would be a bit hard to impeach Trump for this one, so perhaps they will spend the next 4 years trying to impeach ... the FBI - Wray or Haspel under the bus?

That might be difficult because they sort of need the FBI as "part of the intelligence community" to excute any impeachment, but perhaps "the other 13 intelligence community organisations" (after the FBI is discounted) is enough for the next 4 year impeachment campaign, against the FBI?  Nah, doesn't make sense.

There's even real talk by the DRats of impeaching Amy Coney Barret - but can you imagine smears of "Russian hookers and golden showers" getting 4 years worth of impeachment traction against ACB (as compared to Trump)?  so the D's may be might have just a slightly uphill battle on this one... dunno, just throwing this out there.

With Trump removing most/all advertising in Florida for the final week, to focus those resources on the other swing states, seems Florida must be looking healthy re internal polling - awesome news of course, as Florida is a major "decisive swing state" and so being "in the bag" for team Red is great news.

And Trump making a play for California?  Wow.

We may just yet get to see the greatest show on Earth.  In any case I'm praying for justice.  Justice for Julian Assange, for Snowden, Manning, for all the children caged in DUMB bunkers, and for all the good people in North America and elsewhere persecuted by the empire, droned to death by Obama, praying for justice for Syrians, for Russia, for Australia, for the whole world....

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