USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Oct 27 23:03:09 PDT 2020

> Will any candidates mention cryptoprivacy, cryptocurrency,
> Tor, Leaks, Sound Money, etc... in a positive light?
> Perhaps the Libertarian Candidates? ...
> Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen
> It’s official! We have #ballotaccess in all 50 states +DC! Thank you
> to all of the volunteers and petitioners that made this possible!
> If you want to stop the endless wars, consider voting for me
> #Jorgensen2020. You can keep the fruits of your labors and they'll no
> longer be siphoned off to cause harm. If you #VoteBlue or #VoteRed
> nothing will change. #VoteGold instead.
I officially accept the offer from @AmericasDebate to appear in
Chicago on the 29th. I look forward to a new chapter in American
politics wherein all viable candidates can make their case to American
voters. Stay tuned for more news about this historic event!
We are excited that @Jorgensen4POTUS has agreed to participate in
#AmericasDebate next week at the @pritzkerlibrary in Chicago. This
will be the last opportunity for voters to hear from all the
candidates on every ballot. This is the debate Americans deserve!
All fifty states agreed to put @realDonaldTrump, @JoeBiden, and
@Jorgensen4POTUS on their ballots. The @debates only allows you to
hear from two of them. Why?

(Canceled because Joe and Donald are chumps who
would get DESTROYED by Jorgensen in any debate).

Find your Libertarian candidates here...

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