USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Oct 27 20:29:01 PDT 2020

Live: Philadelphia,US is melting down triggered by BLM Antifa
"peaceful protesters"...

"PA Gov Tom Wolf calls Philly riots ‘peaceful protests’
after 12 officers hospitalized, truck attack"

Tweet search results for "joe biden" now show
20 out of the 21 on first page are Bobulinski expose,
the remaining 1 out of 21 is Biden trying to falsely
claim that guns alone cause murder (instead of say
the stressful failed socioeconomic conditions in the
big cities created and run by Democrats for decades).

Now trending... "Lock him up!"

Earlier today Biden tried to claim need to "heal"
(from Dems own pumped up manufactured narratives)
while failing to state that Democrat-Socialist-Marxist
BLM/Antifa are supported by Democrats failing to
denounce them and clean up the streets.

About those streets...

Now millions new Trump voters are heading to polls casting
their votes to offset and break through Biden's irrevocable
"vote early" scam.
Don't forget what Hollywood Democrats did to Kim Dotcom.

Greenwald rips Oliver Darcy
"Only a CNN or MSNBC reporter would be this open & explicit about
believing that a news outlet should only broadcast speeches of
Democratic presidential candidates but not Republican candidates.
Remember when journalists were ashamed to admit they think this way?"

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