How can Liberation Tech help prevent Media Bias and Censorship? (re: DailyVote, etc)

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Oct 27 16:52:46 PDT 2020

> DailyVote, which is an attempt to put a civic tech spin on participatory news sites like reddit, Hacker News, etc

A problem with sites like Reddit, is not only are they centrally
controlled, biased, censored and steered by partial owners,
employees, and algorithms, but in practice such sites billed as
"agnostic for everyone" end up (in part with central help) downranking
and outvoting valid speakers via mass channel invasion takeovers
that then become permanent bias.

> historically - they create a situation of evil then will sell a solution for it,
> but both the evil and the solution have been engineered by whosoever
> is manipulating the system

This happens especially in politics... Corona, Economics, Wars.
ie: Is there record who in world first proposed and executed
the first oppressive, economic disruptive, Government power
growing, Corona lockdowns.

How can Liberation Tech help prevent Media Bias, Censorship, Fraud, etc?

How can Liberation Tech help provide uncensorable mediums
so that people can collate, share, and freely discuss all topics,
find and cover stories, facts, truths impartially, and from the big
to the small?

How can new Media be created that is ranked by and awarded
for impartiality that all would agree, Media that is supported by
disinterested parties, Channels that are totally uncontrolled
such that Bias and Censorship cannot be imparted, etc?

Articles instead of by "like or dislike" by "truth or untruth"?

Consideration to weightings to address any imbalance within
any identifiable human tendencies to be present on social or not.

Here are some recent examples of how Biased Media and platforms
have suppressed information that would normally provide input
to choices in society, or has only taken up stories that fit
Media's biased narrative (many more subject areas from around
the world are similarly afflicted by Bias and Censor, this is
only one example)...
Tony Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden about China. The media
have suppressed the story, but it's real and it matters. Voters
have a right to know the details. Bobulinski sits for an extended
interview Tuesday night at 8p ET on #FoxNews
Tony Bobulinski will play recordings of Biden operatives begging
him to stay quiet... Some states allow you to change your vote! Fair coverage covers all Waving to empty field Parkinsons alzheimers Just nothing Handlers cut off rage stream Gets stuck in the mud again Prompt exposure media lid Puts american lives at risk Stops willing answers Not just one bad day Why no questions Teleprompter exposed In own words What they say

Many subject areas around the world are covered in the few
remaining uncensored corners of the internet. Since the Media won't
tell you where those are, you have to search and ask around...

> It's not just Aaron,
> People have been systematically obliterated throughout history

And ask... why all the Censorship?
Why people being deleted for speaking.
Then work to end the censorship.

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