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Tue Oct 27 15:38:05 PDT 2020

On 2020-10-27 23:47, Karl wrote:
> "So," says Karl.  "I wanted to get involved in some of the discussions
> around protecting some of the oppressed beliefs going on.  The beliefs
> of say people who hate Black people

Nobody hates black people.  The slave traders did not hate black people

People *fear* black people.  *Black* people fear black people.

I was walking down a dark alley.  A fertile age black woman was walking
ahead of me.  She heard my heavy, fast, footsteps behind her (I did not
want to spend too long in the alley if blacks were around) She looked
behind her with obvious fear.  On seeing a big white man rapidly
catching up with her, was obviously greatly relieved.

Similarly, the black male in a business suit trying to catch a taxi, and
the black taxi driver looking for customers ignores him.

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