Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Oct 27 00:34:41 PDT 2020

> My impression is  that if two viruses are ONLY "96% identical"  "throughout
> the whole sequence of the viral genome", they shouldn't be described as a
> "close cousin".   Should it be called a "not-so-close cousin"?

Humans sequences are said to have lots of pairs that
have no known function, and lots of pairs that have
no relevance to a given question... hair eye skin color,
arm length, gender, etc might not impact death from virus.
Even if virus are coded efficiently, a 4% diff could still retain
function of the 96% that counts kills.

Yes, more people will have to look at it all to know.

And whatever the 'truth' of Corona may be, it has become
political, so like 9/11 may not be known for many years,
or at all.

And even without DNA, the 'it came from China"
claim could alone be levered to start wars.

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