Coronavirus: Thread

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Mon Oct 26 23:30:07 PDT 2020

> > Full disclosure:  While I consider myself conversant with many sciences and technologies, 'biology' is probably my area of least knowledge.
> 	do you think that a 'pandemic' that allegedly killed 9000 people in germany (pop. 83 millions) and 1200 people in japan (pop 130 millions) is 'real'? Not to mention 4000 alleged deaths in china, population 1300 fucking millions (or more).

	oh and sorry, I forgot to mention that not only the % of alleged victims is in the order of 0.001% of population, BUT, when you look at the age of the alleged victims, 85% are older than 70 and 95% are older than 60. 

	now, I will be eagerly awaiting for Jim to show his highly skilled command of 'science' which will enable him to make a very scientific analysis of these facts. 


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