Ricardo Bosi: "In the UK, for the first time in history, nobody's died of old age" -- Covid-19

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Oct 25 19:07:54 PDT 2020

The Arc, vlog, with Ricardo Bosi, for the Ossie Aussie Ozzie deep vocal soothing voice :)

This one's more for Aussies, but some interesting factoids nonetheless, such as "In the UK, for the first time in history, nobody's died of old age" - I take it this refers to the time period of COVID-19, but just as many suspected, the "Covid death rate" has only been created due to transferring of other normal/regular deaths, into "Covid" deaths.

And so it goes...

In other Aussie news, shocking NWO globalists cabal legislation coming down the pipeline - treason left right and centre.

Stay awake folks, and stay ahead of the curve...

   "How are you still alive?"

   "By the Grace of God."

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This is a must to watch

Truth in this one is very concerning. Must watch!!


On 25/10/2020 7:48 pm, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> Trump will not sell us out.
> He is doing his best.  Let's pray Trump's best is good enough to please
> the gods.
> #DrainTheSwamp
> #SeizeTheReins
>     'Senate is Very Tough': Trump Doubts Republicans Will Keep Majority in Upper Chamber, US Media Says
>     https://sputniknews.com/us/202010251080872004-senate-is-very-tough-trump-doubts-republicans-will-keep-majority-in-upper-chamber-us-media-says/
>        ..
>        The Washington Post has quoted an unnamed source as saying that
>        US President Donald Trump told donors at a recent fundraiser in
>        Nashville that he believes that keeping their majority in the
>        Senate will be a tricky task for Republicans.
>           "I think the Senate is tough actually.
>            The Senate is very tough.
>            There are a couple senators I can't really get involved in.
>            I just can't do it.
>            You lose your soul if you do.
>            I can't help some of them.
>            I don't want to help some of them",
>           Trump reportedly said at the Nashville Marriott event.
>           The White House has not commented on the report.
>        ..

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