Trump: "I can't help some [Republican senate candidates]" "You lose your soul if you do" -- USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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>  >Trump will not sell us out.
> >He is doing his best.  Let's pray Trump's best is good enough to please
> the gods.
> >#DrainTheSwamp
> >#SeizeTheReins
>  >  'Senate is Very Tough': Trump Doubts Republicans Will Keep Majority in Upper Chamber, US Media Says
> Myself, I wonder why Hitlery and her cronies, and Obama and his cronies, have virtually never been subjected to the extensive prosecution that many of us wanted, at least as early as mid-2016.   I happen to have the major of advantage of having extensively learned Federal law during my time in the clink, and it was obvious to me as early as mid-2015 that Hitlery was guilty of violations of the Espionage Act, and the Federal Records Act as well.  From  the first day of her time as Secretary of State, she refused to use the official email and server that she was provided:  This established that she made a deliberate choice to NEVER put classified information and emails into an approved system.  
> Hitlery merely having a private server was not, itself, a problem.  Her choice to do government business on that server, without arranging for it to be backed up by the National Archive (Federal Records Act) was a problem.  And, her choice to allow classified emails to remain on that server, even if she didn't put them there herself, was an amazing violation of the Espionage Act.  And, of course, her attempt to commit Obstruction of Justice, by deleting those 33,000 ostensibly 'personal' emails, was also an obvious crime.  
> James Clapper should have been prosecuted, having committed a crime by lying to the Congress, and the public, saying that the Federal Government did not keep large amounts of information on Americans, when in fact it did so.  Edward Snowden revealed that.  Trump should pardon Snowden, if for no other reason that Clapper didn't get prosecuted.  The likely limitations period ("Statute of Limitations") for Clapper was 5 years, meaning that he could have been prosecuted up to May 2018, well over 1 year after Trump took office.  Why did that not happen?  Did they just 'forget' it?
> One reason for the poor showing of the Republicans during the 2018 election, I have no doubt at all, was because of this amazing lack of prosecutions!  Trump appointed that fool Jeff Sessions, who accomplished exactly 'zero', at least to my recollection.  Why should Trump's fans be encouraged by an almost complete failure to go after obvious criminality, even after two years, let alone four years, after having taken office?

That's a very good question.

I suspect one of the problems for Trump has been his complete lack of control over the House.

I imagine there are other issues of (lack of) power - he has certainly demonstrated that there are forces other than himself which actually control the US military, e.g. in Syria.

Also, I believe there has been somewhat of a long game being played, especially in the face of the problems with lack of control/ lower house etc this is also a rational approach - play a long game targetting the second term, and this (hopefully) draw out more of the swamp, demonstrating to the people the endless crap the NYT, Google, FBook, Twitter, MSNBCNN etc keep foisting on the people, and this year we've seen the "peaceful protest" riots;
so truly we can say quite a bit of the swamp has been put on display due to this 4-years long "game.

That display is useful to help the sheeple see what's been going on.

It's also useful to help actually engage the people in their own nation - the politics etc - with Trump continuing to call for #MAGA and #DrainTheSwamp, the shirt show circus, and the increasing intensity, helps encourage ornary folks to get involved (hint: to VOTE).

At a meta/spiritual viewpoint, given the current shared delusion/reality, there really must be the sanction of sufficient voters, on either side, to either change the game (team Trump, drain the swamp), or maintain the game of enslavement (team D/Xi, the swamp).

You see this "great reset", as we saw in 1929, is again obviously on the cards and those of us who have been branded conspiracy theorists since the late '80s for declaring that there is another great reset about to happen, are now just this year "conspiracy fact-ists", since we were, in fact, correct.

>From this meta view one could say (hopefully correctly) that were say one or two swamp cretins put in jail in say 2018, that that may have "been the end of it" since the sheeple's "lust for blood" could have been argued to be satisfied.

So as it is, all the chips are basically all on the table.  And forget statute of limitations, we've still got treason on the table - is there a statute of limitations for treason?  Remember, Trump's been pushing hard (through the courts) to bring back the death penalty.  Throw in the Insurrection Act (if the Reps get sufficient seats) against a few states and we may yet witness the greatest show on Earth about to go down...  so if that's what you want to see, encourage folks to vote :)

If nothing else, since this will be Trump Senior's final term, he will, power pending, do a few things, e.g.:

   Trump To 'Immediately Fire' FBI, CIA Directors If Reelected

But as you correctly say, we want to see not traitors being fired and left to cushy retirement, we want to see justice.  Let's pray for justice.

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