selfish yt-dl dmca drama

Karl gmkarl at
Sat Oct 24 19:33:48 PDT 2020

Maybe I'm just not cut out for politics.  My automated-friendly-hug
bots always get labeled 'spam' or 'terrorist propaganda' before I make
them.  They're so important!

A few weeks ago, my friend, who often has fbi agents follow him
(that's where people get the federal business card bouquets, they ask
the surveillance workers who are always nearby), shared a movie from
youtube, to an anonymous e-mail list of people who may be in similar
situations.  Unfortunately, right after his share, the movie was
censored on youtube to everyone in our country.

Naturally (actually this is pretty rare for me nowadays), I downloaded
the movie from another country using tor and youtube-dl (which
required a small bit of hacking due to some bug), uploaded it to
somewhere else, and shared it back so he could redistribute a working
link, and because it's fun to try to productively and inspirationally
push the edges of this unfortunately-deadly-for-other-people struggle,
as I can't do much else with my life at this point.

Yesterday, this same friend sent out another movie, also on youtube.
This time, the youtube video was censored worldwide!  ( )  Not only that, as you
may have heard, youtube-dl's source repository was issued a dmca
takedown notice the very same day and is no longer easily accessible.
The video is also missing on amazon (
) and other services; I haven't looked to see if these other
unavailabilities are new or old.  I eventually found the producer of
the video on facebook, who raised it from a kickstarter, and messaged

I eventually downloaded this movie from a very old torrent, which only
went to 99.9% completion because I didn't hunt down the last few
pieces.  Torrents are so much more reliable than youtube.  I haven't
even watched it yet myself.  Here it is on ipfs:

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