USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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Sat Oct 24 18:56:07 PDT 2020

On 2020-10-24 19:30, grarpamp wrote:
> Biden story isn't all out or digested by anyone yet, and
> only one good corroborator stood up with more evidence
> so far (Bobulinski).

I have digested it.

Hunter Biden took his laptop to a repair shop, failed to collect it, and
failed to pay the bill (probably too high on cocaine to remember where
he put his laptop)

For non payment of the bill and failure to pick it up, it became legally
the repairman's property.

The repairman found some interesting emails, among them a large payment
by the Chinese to Joe Biden, made to the name of Hunter Biden with the
understanding that Hunter Biden would hold the money *on* *behalf* *of*
*his* *father*, Joe Biden, so that it would not show up in his father's
tax records.

This payment by the Chinese to vice president Joe Biden was made at a
time when he was negotiating a trade deal between America and China,
which trade deal, surprise surprise, turned out to be amazingly bad for
America and amazingly good for China.  Funny thing that.

Subsequently Hunter Biden's business partner appears on television and
confirms that a lot of the emails on Biden's laptop, including the most
interesting emails, are also on his cell phone.  Among those emails of
which he received a copy, are ones relating to *paying* *off* *Vice*
*President* *Joe* *Biden*

Needless to say, this interview is somehow not news according to the
mainstream media.

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