Never send your laptops in for repair, avoid centralized platforms...

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Fri Oct 23 03:56:56 PDT 2020

This not just about laptops, data, etc.

But about censorship... that being one of the very things that
liberating use of tech has made important to find ways to route
around so that all people can speak and process information and
ideas freely together. And the censorship has been severe and

It's about the bias and narrative steering making up the entire
US and Global Mainstream News and Social Media Giants.

And about the Media, law enforcement, and other entities,
refusing to do their job to investigate any true or false
elements, and to report those back to the readers/viewers
so that they can make more effective choices.

Serious corruption charges are being publicly leveled.
The same for fraudulent election / ballot meddling.

Yet few appear to be doing the due diligence, instead seemingly
brushing things aside for hitting "too close to home", sidelining
people and organizations who have publicly vowed to #DrainTheSwamp
of corruption, bias, etc.
"I hope journalists realize: if Biden wins, and you report anything
incriminating about his administration - even if you ask critical
questions - you're going to get accused of spreading Russian
disinformation and helping the Kremlin. That's the toxic template
being implemented."
"The job of a newspaper, of a television network, of anybody,
frankly, in the media, who believes in freedom of speech and believes
in journalism is to go and investigate the allegations the New York
Post has made."

The right thing to do is not to censor the links off Social Media,
not to refuse to report, but to acknowledge their existance, clearly
state their interim nature, begin the investigative journalism and
legal process, and make the final determinations known.

That the News Media, Social Media Giants, and US Presidential
Candidate Joe Biden are all refusing to acknowledge or directly
refute the allegations, is both extremely suspect, and damaging to
the trust people might otherwise expect of such institutions.

Work must be done to strengthen not only the traditional
mechanisms for truth, but to ensure alternative distributed
uncensored systems exist in which people may freely discuss same.

And to move away from such colossally entrenched structures that
"democracies" Socialism Governments create... towards Libertarian
philosophies, self-determination, charity... so that those legacy
systems are no longer "needed" or big enough to create corruptive
political wars in the streets of the world when they go wrong (as
most recently seen with 2020).

The US has a president making monumental public charges,
against things everyone knows are a problem...
and they all censor and attack him for it.

All this was censored by Social Media Giants for nearly two weeks,
hundreds of accounts locked or deleted, including the official US
Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Users of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Insta, Patreon, etc...
many hundreds of peoples voices purged...

"@YouTube stole my two channels and 745K subs on OCT 15th. @Mailchimp
stole my distribution avenue for emails on OCT 19th. And @Patreon
stole my 1,000+ Patrons today. It's economic warfare. @HawleyMO
@RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump Please find me at SGTreport.TV"

"It used to be you could tell a HUGE story if every TV networks
talked about it. Now you can tell a story is a BOMBSHELL if CNN,
ABC, NBC, CBS & MSNBC refuse to go near it. It used to be they'd
lied about these stories, now they're too afraid to even do that.
Desperation time."

All this is not put here to consider any veracity, bias, etc...
but as a realtime example of how well, or not, the processes,
systems, platforms, and social structures that people use for
such consideration are serving that higher purpose.

It is quite clear that GovMediaCorp is abusing you with its systems.

Liberation is about free speech.
Either you support free speech, or you don't.
Join the fight for it.

There is more out there, much more, and it is coming forth.

For those not yet following even just breaking news,
here are some deeper examples of the censorship and bias involved,
the power of the Internet to scour for truths,
and things the media never mentions, etc...

Welker and rest of Media tried to mute and cut off this story...

Alan Parrot Benghazi Extortion17...

Twitter engaging in mass censorship...
Locked out of twitter for over a week...
Biased moderators and media editing...
Asks for Wikileaks style help...
The Internet can find random video truths...
@Google Ad Exec on possible 2020 Election Interference
"Trust & Safety is extremely left STOPPING right-wing
parties from advertising or REDUCING exposure" Offer FREE
advertising credits to Democratic Parties CENSOR out news
from your search"
"Kickstarter just denied a project to help fight against censorship,
but they allow political projects"

Epic turnouts and massive support buried by the Media...

Calls out corrupt Biden Family, News and Social Media, Military
Industrial Complex, Deep State, Socialism, Communism Erie,PA Gastonia,PA alternate town hall

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