On the complete and utter FUTILITY of voting Dem/Biden -- USA 2020 Elections: Thread

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Oct 23 00:25:10 PDT 2020

Imagine the UTTER FUTILITY that democrat voters in the USA must FEEL this year!  That's just so epicly vacuous, gut wrenching, knowingly futile and cognitively dissonant that doing so would feel so absolutely terrible.

I mean seriously, take a look at these headlines:

 - Federal Circuit Court judges appointed by Trump:
   List of federal judges appointed by Donald Trump
      As of October 22, 2020, the United States Senate has confirmed 219
      Article III judges nominated by Trump, including two associate
      justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 53 judges for
      the United States courts of appeals, 162 judges for the United
      States district courts, and two judges for the United States Court
      of International Trade.[2] There are currently 34 nominations to
      Article III courts awaiting Senate action, including one for the
      Supreme Court, 32 for the district courts and one for the Court of
      International Trade.[3] There is currently one vacancy on the
      Supreme Court, 55 vacancies on the U.S. district courts and two
      vacancies on the U.S. Court of International Trade.[3] There is
      also one announced vacancy on the courts of appeals that may occur
      before the end of Trump's first term.[4]

   Seriously, that is epic - 219+53+162+2 = 436 judges appointed by

   AND 34 in the wings!  Did I mention this is epic?

   This is so many judges that if this weren't his consitutional duty,
   Trump would have been declared an unhinged Hitlerian dictator!

 - Oh, and we have not yet even mention "Article I" appointments:

   From that same wiki page above: "In terms of Article I courts, as of
   October 19, 2020, the Senate has confirmed 21 judges nominated by
   Trump, including six for the United States Court of Federal Claims,
   seven for the United States Tax Court, six for the United States
   Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, one for the United States Court
   of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and one for the United States Court
   of Military Commission Review. There are currently seven nominations
   to Article I courts awaiting Senate action, including six for the
   United States Court of Federal Claims and one for the Court of
   Appeals for the Armed Forces."

   It's just a tragic situation for Dem voters - all these vacancies
   have been filled.

 - And of course SCOTUS/ Supreme Court seats: two associate justices,
   and ACB about to be appointed yet.

   ACB is so in our face it's - well, how tragic must this feel to all
   the D/Xi voters this year?

   Epically tragic.

   In fact so tragic, and so many seats filled, there's something
   approaching ZERO relevance to any Dem even voting this year, at least
   from a PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE of any relevance to their political

 - Actual enthusiasm, and fun, and massive turnouts at every Trump
   rally, day after day!  This has not been seen for decades and you
   just KNOW that Trump is kicking massive electorate goals, for example
   in new voter registrations - this was posted earlier, but here for
   the record:

      JPMorgan's Kolanovic Has A Warning For Those Expecting A Crushing
      Biden Victory

   As we see with rally after rally, photo after photo, Trump's rally
   turnouts are epic - and it's so huge, and Trump is fitting in SO many
   rallies, that team Red is simply setting up cordons and mobile
   seating stalls AT THE AIRPORTS!

   Folks, my feelz COULD NOT STAND to be anything other than a
   Republican/ Trump voter this year.  You even have to have a little
   empathy for what drives the Democrats to become screeching harpies,
   what they must be going through, the epic tragedy that brings them to
   scream at their phones and upload their hysteria for their fellow
   Blue team comrades to wallow in.

 - Declared street "protests" after the election of Trump:

   As a D voter, how can you even feel good about your own team when
   they've already promised the world that they're going to (continue
   to) unleash anarchy on the streets?

   Anyone with parents, family, minorities who've had their businesses
   burnt down etc, simply must feel really bad about the situation -
   it's unjustifiable morally, and yet as a supposed "loyal D voter"
   you're expected to ignore the violence, the evil, the murders being
   done by team D/Xi?

   That must bite, seriously bite!

   Imagine having to live such internal contradictions and have to still
   maintain the thought that you're a "good person"?

   Damn, bro!

 - Faith.

   Yes, faith muh peeps!  Faith exists in the "bad orange p.##y grabber"
   camp like you ain't seen in a long time, even in 2016 - again, this
   was posted just in the last couple days:

      US election - A shrine to Trump in a 2020 battleground state

   That's a classic example - WAY before Trump had won his first term,
   many folks knew instinctively that here is a man who is not a typical
   swamp dweller.

   Yes we have dedication, persistence, and even memes on our side, but
   faith continues to play a real role in the Trump Train as it
   steamrolls onward and upward, To INFINITY and BEYOND :D

 - Speaking of memes and fun: we have memes, and it's fun :D

   The left (at least in this point of history) simply cannot do memes -
   there was may be ONE single meme in the last ~5 years, from the left
   which was actually marginally funny.

   EVEN THE RIGHT, in the example of the BabylonBee.com can poke fun at
   the right like it's going out of style, and have us all laughing in
   stitches, at ourselves!  Again, a recent link proving the point:

      Trump Supporter Changes Mind After Pres Gets COVID
      - BNN Week In Review 10-9-2020

   How utterly demoralising must it be to Biden supporters when Joe's
   most famous piece of comedy this year was when he was asked for a
   jibe against Trump and said, and I quote:

      Joe Biden: "I call him 'president tweety'".

   That is lame.  It is simply lame.  As in so, so lame.
   In fact it's so lame, it is epically lame.

   Which leads us to:

 - The left's "peaceful protests" which as everyone can see are plainly

   And these rioters have literally burnt down millions of dollars worth
   of minority businesses and homes, as well as 100s of milliosn of $ of
   real estate, cars and the rest.

   Not to mention the left's (including Dem party bigwigs) calls for
   violence over and over and over again.

   How utterly demoralizing to all -conscionable- people, must this year
   be if your natural vote is to the so called "liberal democrats" (as
   my natural vote would normally be).

   Imagine this choice, as it is: a conservative pussy grabber, who you
   instinctively oppose, or the utterly abhorrent and unconscionable
   Democrats and their BLM/ANTIFA riot machine, which you simply could
   never ever conscionably support?

   These "Dem feelz" have to be utterly, utterly tragic!

 - October Surprise, Hunter hard drives.

   You just KNOW that this is a steamy and rotten turn in the Dem rabbit
   hole which is about to blow the house down, and...

   SO, even if you DO vote Biden, you just KNOW that YOU WILL FOREVER BE
   TARNISHED as a Biden voter.  Even Hillary was probably a better
   option - "at least she was just a war hawk" whereas team Biden appear
   to be well below even polite conversation.

   That just HAS to hurt...

   And I say this with absolutely no maliciousness whatsoever - really
   and truly, the good people of North America do deserve an honourable
   opposition to Trump, they just don't have anything remotely
   resembling that ...

   and now Barack "DroneBama" Obama (who extra judicially droned HOW
   many people to death again?) is now "campaigning" for Basement Joe,
   demonstrating how lame this Hidin' Biden duck really is...

   Basically Joe is epically lame (see grarpamp's honest political ad

 - NOTHING to feel good about:

   Seriously, on team D, there WHOLE PLATFORM since 2016 has been "we're
   NOT trump" and that's it!

   That's sad.  Tragically sad!

   What an absolutely rotten, rotten leadership the Dem party has.

   What can you say but this is a horrible, horrible situation for all D

   Shit guys, we need to feel sorry for actual Democrat party voters for
   what they must be going through - tragedy, farce, false dichotomies,
   epic emotional journies, 100s upon 100s of judges have been appointed
   with barely a few seats of NEGLIGIBLE PICKINGS left over.

   And 56% of USAians say they're better off under Trump, and Biden says
   "well don't vote for me then"...

   ...that is seriously messed up - this Biden is "their" man,
   supposedly taking on Trump, and Joe Biden tells 56% of Americans to
   not vote for him.

   (That's possibly in the endless basket of Biden gaffs, but in any
   case it's obvious he is a terrible candidate, worse than Hillary, and
   literally appearing more senile by the week - Kamala?  God no!)

Basically if you're a D voter today in the USA, you have my genuine,
heartfelt sympathy.

It is simply tragic what you are going through.

There are virtually no words to describe the so, so sad situation for
those nominal "liberal democratic" good people in the USA today - all
they have left now is the stinging rebuke that "A vote for D is a vote
for Xi".


Utterly, epically, tragic!

I wish you a better candidate in 2024 - so, good luck, as you'll need

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Oh yeah :)

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