james donalds 'political philosophy'

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> > > > You cannot nurture IQ into existence - 
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> > > 	'IQ' is pseudo scientific bullshit. The fundamental fact is that morality has fuck to do with being clever or good at math. Clever people can be evil as fuck and 'dumb' people can be honest(or not) just like the 'elites'. If anything 'clever' people are more likely to be assholes. 
> > 
> > 
> > Although it certaily seemc true that morality has nothing to with IQ, that's irrelevant to the point here: that there are genetic "racial" based differences.
> 	skin color is completely irrelevant for morality/politics, just like 'IQ'.

Keep arguing an unrelated point I see :)

Anyway, on the point at issue, IQ is at least 50% correlated with genetics:


      Many studies rely on a measure of intelligence called the intelligence
      quotient (IQ). Researchers have conducted many studies to look for genes
      that influence intelligence. ... These studies suggest that genetic
      factors underlie about 50 percent of the difference in intelligence among

> > John wants to pretend those differences don't exist, and to the extent he believes his own rubbish, he is in practice at a disadvantage, but in t/his case I'm pretty sure it's merely political chicanery on his part (that is, that "even he doesn't believe the bullshit he types up").

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