worse than rabies: 'theybies' - “But, mommy, I saw Charley do pee pee and he's a boy!” - Mom: "How absolutely DARE you use such language!" - [ENJOY] [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Wed Oct 21 19:43:47 PDT 2020

This one's for John Newman and his equality missions:

   Intersectionality for infants: Parents indoctrinating their kids in woke dogma while they're still in nappies need to calm down

Given how un-funny John is though, even Jimmy Kimmel is funny, in comparison:

   How Unfunny is Jimmy Kimmel?

      Jimmy Kimmel is not funny. He is so unfunny, that it is should in fact be some kind of a crime.

      Just watch some of this. Put it on 2x speed, and just understand that this is what our drugged-out moron culture is watching right now, and allegedly laughing at.


      “Grouchy at Fauci”?

      Rhymes. That’s the only thing left. Rhymes and poop jokes. This man is talking about poop.


KatBoyCami: "We are better looking than them, we are more intelligent than them, and we are funnier than them."

Grouch on JNN, grouch on...

If you want a lift, here's something that's actually funny (especially as it does not involve poop), found at the TDS link above:


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