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>     I'll be waiting for any actual 'cypherpunk' or libertarian to shred donalds 'philosophy' to pieces. I think I'm going to wait a looong time. 

>We do not in fact have equality before the law, because actual equality
before the law leads to intolerable consequences, because individuals,
groups, and communities are not in fact equal, and require different laws.-------------------------
Jim Bell's current Comment:The following is a recent draft that I had not yet completed and sent:
-------------------About February 6, 2015, Michael Bloomberg gave a kinda-sorta-public  speech in Colorado.   This   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bbjB3jVGRU&t=1794s   may be it.   I believe that he asked that it not be recorded,  but the fact that the audio recording is here apparently resulted from someone sneakily doing just that.  The audio is a bit weak, but it's there. 
The news item from that time said that Bloomberg had proposed that young racial minorities shouldn't be allowed to own guns, maybe younger than 30 years old.   Google ' "bloomberg" young blacks guns '     He believed in that idea enough to state it out loud.  


 I was not surprised that Bloomberg BELIEVED this, but I was very surprised that he said it, more or less openly, out loud and in front of strangers.  Clearly, this put others, gun-control advocates, into a major quandary.  If those 'liberals', or 'progressives' actually BELIEVED that anti-gun nonsense, they ought to be in favor of measures that might actually save lives.  But they don't, or at least their level of belief doesn't rise to the level of overcoming their loathing of 'discrimination', the idea that people are treated differently as a consequence of race.  But are human lives less important than Political Correctness?

This is somewhat of a self-inflicted version of the meme, "Islam is right about women".    https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/09/26/the-genius-of-the-islam-is-right-about-women-stunt/   

"First, they acknowledge – usually with irreducible simplicity – that something that went without saying a moment ago has suddenly become unsayable. Secondly, the outrage they provoke does not come from any epithet, caricature or insult, but rather from having the nerve to draw the viewer’s attention to an act of cognitive dissonance that we are all engaging in, but would rather not acknowledge."
"The result is that those who attempt to explain why the act is offensive end up simply tying themselves in knots, while revealing that they have never given a moment’s thought to the position they find themselves defending. This seems to generate even more anger, with the inevitable online mob quickly joined by politicians, journalists and other public figures, eager to see that the heretic is made an example of."
[end of quote]

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> > Given how vehemently, persistently (even "religiously") that "the left" targets the removal of guns, the removal of the second amendment, it looks to some like guns ARE a thawn in the side of the empire.

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