Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Oct 20 19:07:21 PDT 2020

> it's the BAT SOUP.

Then for this Halloween, go catch yourself some bats, dig up
some cadavers, brew yourself a vat of whatever creepy crawlies
you may find inside, and livestream yourself drinking it down.
Be the experiment and statistic you want the world to see :)

Do whatever works for you, whether that ranges from staying
the fuck home, to living life, to protesting destructive
Government lockdowns and forced injection papers, crowdfunding
some independant BAT SOUP bug hunting science,
publishing results and appropriate options to deal with any found,
or even proving that no bug or risk of problem exists for anyone.

Recall that China posted a whole bunch of scary videos launching
the meme... people's dying moments in hospitals, lockdowns,
bricked up communities, decontaminating streets, hazmat, arrests,
fines, new tracking databases, inoculation permission papers, etc.

Yet the US Democratic party (Avowed Left tilting like China
towards Socialist Communist flavor of Authoritarian) is still,
to this very day, supporting elements of that scary meme
and proposing similar things be enacted.

And there's a vote on that in two weeks.

Given that the BAT SOUP has had time to pan out into what is
now a rather statistically low risk on reasonably relative par with
other common contributors and causes of death, and that freedom
preserving voluntary options to living are now more well known
and that people have been choosing those options for themselves...
people should think about what [party] they're voting for, or not,
about what kind of new systems and powers will be enacted,
and will be abused over you in response to the next [manufactured]
"emergency", as with all such powers in history.

Choose [and teach] freedom, because without it, you're dead.

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