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> I called myself a "minarchist libertarian" 1975- January-1995  ONLY because I couldn't figure out how to solve what I knew, independently, to be a problem.  I hadn't thought about it much.   While trying to figure out how to get rid of ONE free-spending officeholder (Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who I never named in my AP essay), I applied conceptually the ideas of good encryption, digital cash, and anonymity, to come up with the idea that I turned into my Assassination Politics essay in January-February 1995

For assassination politics to work, you are going to need a crypto
currency, whose currency is proof of stake, and which supports end to
end encrypted messaging concerning financial transactions, messages that
can carry money and commit to contracts.

A proof of stake currency is a sovereign corporation, and its currency
is shares in that corporation.

A normal corporation derives its identity and corporateness from a grant
of identity from the sovereign.  A sovereign corporation would derive
its corporateness from the fact that everyone uses the same
cryptographic protocol because everyone else is using that protocol.

A sovereign corporation is something that I am sure that Bat Soup would
regard as suspiciously like a state.

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