USA 2020 Elections: Thread

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Oct 20 06:10:21 PDT 2020

Trump - mic-drop president, of the World muffaducka :D

It's only 29 seconds and the mini-transcript does not do justice to this one.

Mic-drop lovers unite, behind president Trump :D

Trump gets asked by a sleazy "journalist" about Trump's Biden comments: “Your campaign strategy seems to be to call Biden a criminal, why is that?”

Epic mic-drop in response:
   — american nationalist (@NationalistTV) October 19, 2020

   "He is a criminal. He’s a criminal. He got caught. Read his laptop. And you
   know who’s a criminal? You’re a criminal for not reporting it. You are a
   criminal for not reporting it. Let me tell you something: Joe Biden is a
   criminal and he’s been a criminal for a long time, and you’re a criminal,
   and the media, for not reporting it. Good luck everybody, have a good time.
   Have a good time."

Found here:

   Your Favorite President Berates Criminal Journalist for Refusing to Report on Hunter Biden

      .. [Pic of "journalist" at issue, not attached :)]
      Journalists holding an event to celebrate the First Amendment is like homosexuals holding an event to celebrate HIV-AIDS.

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