USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Oct 20 02:25:46 PDT 2020

"Joe Malcoun, the struggling Michigan bar owner at the center of a Joe
Biden campaign ad is actually a wealthy tech investor whose startup
was seeded by a large family inheritance."
Compromised Media: "CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was masturbating"
"Check out the new 26,000 #HunterBiden emails separate from the
Giuliani/Bannon emails- These are from Hunter’s former partner Bevan
Cooney who has given login access to @MatthewTyrmand & @peterschweizer
re: business dealings with the Mayor of Moscow’s wife & Devon Archer"

Reportedly, "Facebook’s global policy manager for content regulation,
Anna Makanju, advised Joe Biden on Ukraine policy during his time as
Vice President. She also defended Biden from charges of wrongdoing
with regards to Ukraine in a comment to the Washington Post last
year." Moreover, right hand man of "Crazy Nancy" nasty "shifty Schiff"
is acting reportedly, "Not long ago, Schiff sent letters to Google,
Twitter, and Youtube, demanding they step up (and continue) censoring
information they deem unnecessary."

What flavor did Joe get... Crooked Crunch, Chinese Fortune Cookie, Rocky Road?

As they say... a vote for Biden is a vote for...
Trump Tucson,AZ

Some of the greatest hoaxes of all time have come during election seasons...

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