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Mon Oct 19 20:18:23 PDT 2020

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> On Monday, October 19, 2020 6:34 AM, <jamesd at> wrote:
>> What was released was the top level document ordering and authorizing
>> illegal activities after Bush retracted his presidential order
>> authorizing those activities. The rest is just boring detail,
>> particular examples of those activities.

On 2020-10-20 01:11, coderman wrote:
> James, what we consider "illegal" is not in the eyes of those in power. 

If the president signs an executive order rendering it illegal, it is
illegal in the eyes of those officially in power, bringing existing law
and constitutional precedent making it illegal in play.

Of course, as has become apparent during the Trump presidency, official
power is less than it seems.  Who actually has power is unclear and
disputed, but that is itself a situation of rampant illegality.  If
power is not official, it is crime and treason.

Of which we have been seeing a great deal during the Trump presidency.

If power is unclear and disputed, the issue is going to be resolved by
violence, quite possibly violence that may well begin very shortly after
November the third, as people disagree on who gets to count the votes.

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