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grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> Govts are different, people are deluding themselves if they think
> any of today's Govts will let them "live their own ways" without
> ultimately killing them 

	the key fact here is that 'grarpamp' is a highly fanatical trumpofascist and so a total and complete intellectual fraud.
	'grarpamp' is pretending to preach about the evils of government while being a robotical supporter of the US government 'led' by trump. Every word this piece of non-human-shit writes is mockery. 

	This needs to be triply underscored because it's the basic modus operandi of frauds, shills and government agents like 'grarpamp'. Anybody can say he "loves freedom" while at the same time being the most despicably supporter of tyranny, like 'grarpamp. That's exactly how the US was 'founded' by the way. 

> >> Trump does not seem anti-government at all, over here.
> Biden-Dems are 100% pro-govt, as are 99% Reps.

	Of course karl. The orange monkey is not anti-governmetn at all. Anybody whith a shred of intellectual honesty acknowdleges that. 

	I mentioned that the monkey spends more stolen money than obomba, that he wants negative interest rates for wall street and that he outright buys votes from 'farmers' all of which was dutifully ignored by the intellectual frauds of this fine mailing list. 

> Trump is outside business, an argument can be made
> that business views Govt tax/regulation/mandate as
> a non free market, including expensive bribery,
> thus may wish to cast it off.

	Businesses know that government is their key ally and that government enables them to abuse 'customers' in every possible way. Businesses know that government is against the free market and that's why businesses LOVE government. This is something that any real libertarian knows as part of the ABC of political economy. 

	This is why one can see the orange monkey, a billionaire oligarch from jew-york, telling people on TV that he got his tax subsidies courtesy of obomba. 

	Has any of the trumpofascists commented on this?

	nah, they are way too stupid and corrupt to do so.

ps: 'democrats' are just as corrupt as trumpofascists karl.

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