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 On Sunday, October 18, 2020, 07:12:33 AM PDT, grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:
>"I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings."
-- Biden, on video

> Thanks for everything -- Russia

> Oh no Joe! Grand Jury
Subpoena in effect.

>Internet says:
Biden was tipped off by at least end September, right about
when he started desperately begging people to "Vote Early",
now you know why... Biden was trying to bank and lock up any
votes he had in his favor by getting people to irrevocably
waste their votes on him before the news broke, and was urging
mail-in because the Party Socialist dehumanization and demoralization
plans required Corona Lockdowns to remain in place...

>BREAKING: Email Sent to Computer Shop Owner John Paul Mac Isaac from Hunter Biden's Attorney Is Released!

This is an excellent reason I say that Biden must be indicted INSTANTLY.  Some of the American public may still vote for him, but I think that those voters cannot be allowed to claim, LATER, that "Oh, we didn't know that Biden did anything wrong!".
Worse, even if Biden 'resigns' after getting indicted, Kamala Harris would presumably be expected to take over.   I view that Biden's entire candidacy was illegitimate, because it is obvious that he wouldn't have gotten nominated without the FBI's subterfuge.   Later, the Democrats will probably argue that THEY were 'misled' too, because THEY were not allowed to know about this evidence during the time period (early 2020) that they were selecting their nominee.  That would be rather disingenous, since they were aware that Biden was a crook, but it is enough of a reason to have a 'do-over'.  
Failure to indict Biden is at least as much of a 'choice' as to indict him is.  I've said before that even though ordinary DOJ  policy is to not indict a nominee so close to an election, in this case this information has apparently been 'sat on' at the FBI since December 2019, long before Biden was the nominee, and even before the start of the primary/caucus process:   So, refusing to indict now is not justified by that ordinary rule.  
Like I said about James Comey upon hearing of his press conference July 5, 2016, falsely claiming something like 'no reasonable prosecutor would indict her...',     Comey was deliberately choosing a warped course of action which he knew was the only one that was consistent with getting her into power.   Thus, Comey was manipulating the election.  And now, it looks like the FBI and the DOJ are again doing precisely that.
Am I right that this is an emergency situation?   That conclusion alone does not dictate a specific remedy, but I think it demands SOME remedy!  One solution would be to disqualify Biden/Harris from the election, but give the Democrats an opportunity to select a different candidate.  

           Jim Bell

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