shills - the ONE document

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Sat Oct 17 00:21:32 PDT 2020

On Sat, 17 Oct 2020 16:31:54 +1000
jamesd at wrote:

> On 2020-10-17 16:10, Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 wrote:
> > 	so again, 'allegedly' snowden got 1.5 million 'documents' and the> journo-govt-shills-accomplices of snowden 'published' 10 or 20, after
> getting permision
> > from the government to do so.
> If accomplices of snowden, not accomplices of the deep state.
> And it does not matter which documents they published.  What matters is
> which documents Snowden thought mattered.

	are you drunk or something? Now you're not making sense, even as a shill.

> And there is one document he definitely was not supposed to get. 

	OK, he was NOT supposed to get this 'one document'(that exists in your imagination). But he WAS SUPPOSED to get all the rest of documents that didn't reveal anything, right?  He WAS SUPPOSED to get a bunch of useless stuff because he IS a shill, is what you're saying. Thanks for making my point, again.

	And I'll make a guess about the nature of this mysterious document. Is it a video about your homesexual encounters with black men? Is that why you want to ban gay porn?

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