Alex Jones was -not- the first to be banned -- Re: USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Oct 16 04:28:31 PDT 2020

TDS was a year earlier, and was focused more on it's thing...
versus say more generally on future of general freedom regarding
globalism / Left, for which censorship, control, etc are more central.
That, plus a whole lot more subs (TDS was primarily a text website
rather than operating a video channel on the biggest social media
platforms), is what made IW's banning more relavant as an example "first".
Regardless, TDS event was notable. And both TDS and IW were
preceded by other precedents over the decades that never really
made much news [1], in part because alternative social / news media
hadn't really developed yet, let alone begun to consider whatever
its role should be in covering and defending such events to help
strengthen itself as a whole.

[1] xs4all was a pretty big one.

> selling

You can thank demonetization for needing to resort to that.
Bonus is gigamedia with its advert data partners get cut out.
Cryptocurrency adoption will eventually reduce the sleaze factor.

> it's the principle of it!

When a service calls itself You-Tube and claims to not be Evil,
then turns out to be a FuckYou-Tube doing shadowy shit,
all speech is speech.

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