Part 2: Cryptography vs. Big Brother: How Math Became a Weapon Against Tyranny - YouTube

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Oct 16 02:33:32 PDT 2020

On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 11:20:36PM -0400, grarpamp wrote:
> > 'more crypto' is going to 'end tyranny' are 'in my opinion' mentally challenged
> Yes, it is not mere existance of widespread crypto that wins...
> for example TLS is now almost 100% coverage, the dream
> of early cypherpunks, yet YouTube still blocks the fuck out of
> those trying to 'end tyranny', and sites still take down AP docs.
> What wins is what you do over crypto, what comms and convos,
> and what ideas can be shared freely and further developed, that
> can begin to coordinate and have impact... not much different
> than in physical world. Given strong crypto and correct usage,
> it is possible to bring some p2p methods from the physical world,
> into the digital. However digital still has limitations, Sybil Agents
> always exist, not even physical world is free from those. Yet for
> so long as any crypto hedge and edge exists no matter how
> marginal, over the tyrants capacity to break and shut it down...
> free comms, the punk distribution and instillment of ideas out to the
> masses, can begin to eat away at tyranny's narrative. Same as in
> the physical world, the end of tyranny comes only from what you do,
> and how hard, fast, focused and broad, you push the front. Push it.

The biggest present danger is the (((walled gardens of censorship))).

That won't stop this humble techno punk from having a crack at a better than Tor version of Tor, but I have no doubt that if it is sufficiently "liberating of Peer 2 Peer free speech", then the PlayStore and Apple's whatever the damn thing is called, will "be ordered" to eliminate that app from "their" stores...

This is just one front of the digital (((czars of censorship))) wars, but it's a big one.

A solid trend towards actual liberating of all Android phones is going to be needed, for starters.

That will not protect us from the closed hardware, closed source, baseband CPUs accessing all memory and therefore keys, but it will at least allow folks to run the few apps that arise out of some future overlay if it appears sufficiently sufficient for at least certain p2p free speech purposes...

There's money in that too ... $50 to install Juan-Droid or John-Droid or Grar-Droid or Zen-Droid, and once you've done it a few times, it gets easier and quicker, and then resell your local/national telco plans and bundle an extra $10 per phone for monthly Debian-Droid updates... this is a -very- workable plan financially.

The big lubricator of this "Libre-Droid your mobile" cottage industry plan, is going to be an app or USB developer mode uplink or whatever it's called, to dump: [ contacts, SMSes, photos, music, etc ] and re-upload that data onto your paying customer's "Libre-Droid"ed phone.

Then enable Debian security updates and rake in $10 per month per phone.

And that $10 per month per phone, is a "relatively high, morally speaking" $10 per month per phone - you are liberating their phone, increasing (arguably) their "security", ensuring they can run the "JuanoNet" chaff fill overlay everyone's been twittering about, putting the money you make to good use living your own life and furthering your causes.

Then, you (and 100's of others just like you) and your business (and 100s of others just like yours, all over the world) can market to all your JuanDroid groupies a new phone which they may wish to upgrade to, with a slick flashy brocheur, and for only $20 a month they can get a flashy new PinePhone, unlimited JuanoNet wifi mesh downloads (P2P neighbours permitting), and whatever GiBs you can wrangle out of your local telco.  And for $90 a month, they can obtain a spanking new Librem 5ive phone...

yadda yadda, you get the picture...

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