AP versus Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: Was Re: Censorship: Twitter Hauled In for Pro-Biden Anti-Trump, YouTube Bans Coronavirus, QAnon, PizzaGate

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>> But now, Twitter and Facebook and YouTube have clearly and unambiguously declared war on at least half of humanity. 

> huh? What the hell are you talking about? "half of humanity" - what?? You wouldn't be referring to trumpofascists...?

Ha ha!  Are you implying that you think half the people populating the Earth...3.5 billion people...support Trump?  Well, I didn't really intend to "getcha!" but it looks like I "Gotcha!".
The reality (remember REALITY?!?) is that Facebook and Twitter are declaring war not merely on Trump supporters ("Trumpofascists" as you call them) but virtually half of the population of the world or more.    The reality, for better or worse is that the identity of the person who is U.S. President from 2021 through 2025 is (though it SHOULDN'T be!  That's a different problem!) vitally important to the entire world.  
I think that very large numbers of people want to learn if Joe Biden is the crook he resembles.  The biased MSM has been ignoring the story for well over the last year.  NOW,  we can see that Hunter Biden was lying about Joe Biden being completely uninvolved in the corruption.
Sure, we saw the video where Joe Biden was BRAGGING about extorting the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor within a few hours...before Biden left on a plane!  Under threat of cutting over a billion dollars in US aid.   But now we know more.  We now know that Hunter Biden introduced the Ukrainians to Joe, or vice-versa.  The smoking gun.  
I am not aware that an American election has ever been delayed, for any reason.  The "Justice" Department has a policy, they say, that they do not indict people 'too close to an election' if they are one of the competitors.    Understandable, I suppose...EXCEPT in this case, it looks like the FBI was well-aware of this information in December 2019, about 10 months ago!  So, the fact that it's so close to the election is completely the fault of the FBI and the Justice Department.  They intentionally delayed.  So, I argue, they cannot now use as an excuse for not indicting Biden, the fact that it is "too close" to the upcoming election.
And, if it hadn't been leaked, the election would have proceeded as if nothing was wrong.
I call that "manipulation of the election"!   Actually, it's the same way they manipulated the election 2016.   Comey on July 5, 2016, knew that the only way Hitlery Clinton MIGHT have won is if she WASN'T indicted, so by choosing to NOT indict her he was choosing the only path to get her there.   And there was excellent reason to indict her.  By CHOOSING NOT to indict her, the Justice Department put its thumb on the scales of the election.
Same thing this year, too.  The only way Biden could win is if he ISN'T indicted...or if the indictment is delayed so long that it's 'too late'.   We are now learning that there were excellent reasons to indict Biden.   By choosing to not indict him, the Justice Department is putting its thumb (probably ALL of them!) on the scales of the election.
What combination of shenanigans would be seen as justifying a delay of the election...if Joe Biden gets indicted?  
If this is, literally, the "October Surprise", it's a big one!  But the fault that it is the OCTOBER surprise is solidly in the camp of the FBI and the Justice Department.  Somebody tried to make it the "January 2020 Surprise", but corrupt FBI employees forestalled that.  
I believe that both Bidens should be instantly indicted.  
                 Jim Bell

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