Part 2: Cryptography vs. Big Brother: How Math Became a Weapon Against Tyranny - YouTube

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Oct 15 20:20:36 PDT 2020

> 'more crypto' is going to 'end tyranny' are 'in my opinion' mentally challenged

Yes, it is not mere existance of widespread crypto that wins...
for example TLS is now almost 100% coverage, the dream
of early cypherpunks, yet YouTube still blocks the fuck out of
those trying to 'end tyranny', and sites still take down AP docs.
What wins is what you do over crypto, what comms and convos,
and what ideas can be shared freely and further developed, that
can begin to coordinate and have impact... not much different
than in physical world. Given strong crypto and correct usage,
it is possible to bring some p2p methods from the physical world,
into the digital. However digital still has limitations, Sybil Agents
always exist, not even physical world is free from those. Yet for
so long as any crypto hedge and edge exists no matter how
marginal, over the tyrants capacity to break and shut it down...
free comms, the punk distribution and instillment of ideas out to the
masses, can begin to eat away at tyranny's narrative. Same as in
the physical world, the end of tyranny comes only from what you do,
and how hard, fast, focused and broad, you push the front. Push it.

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