Part 2: Cryptography vs. Big Brother: How Math Became a Weapon Against Tyranny - YouTube

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>> >> Part 2. Two more to go...
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>> > 	So speaking of NSA shills, that's exactly the sort of thing I would
>> > expect from one. The promotin of the idea that 'crypto' is a weapon
>> > against tyranny when in practice it serves the tyrants a lot more than
>> > it serves their victims.
>> >
>> > 	Cryptography is what allows big brother to control all of their big
>> > brother backdoored hardware, for instance.
>> Crypto is a munition.  You want to deny us weapons, but do not want the
>> government denied weapons.
> I have to disagree, and the noise of Juan's anger is perhaps what makes it
> sometimes difficult to hear him, but it seems his position is that "all tech
> that gets created, gets used -more- by the fascist MIC regime dominating us
> all" and the obvious conclusion from this apparently correct observation is
> "so why the hell would you create more, or promote, any such tech?"
> This argument (if I've paraphrased Juan correctly) is quite compelling -
> it's not obviously wrong.
> So we are presented with a dilemma - you could say Juan takes a strong
> position on one side of that dilemma, but that's not the problem here (in
> fact, Juan's strong position helps us to see more clearly, the very dilemma
> we are faced with).
> The problem is not Juan's position on this dilemma, the problem is in fact
> the dilemma itself.

The video makes it pretty clear that cypherpunks were holding the role
of addressing that dilemma, right inside technology.

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