"Bigots united!" .. or something :D - Ron Unz in classic style puts to bed the lack of "intellectual vigour" permeating accusations of "White Supremacy" - [ENJOY] [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Oct 15 04:55:55 PDT 2020

Bless thee Unz, for thy words be clear and though thy muffaducking mission be often thankless, it is yet dignified and true.

Folks, when an interluckchewall powerhouse decides it's time to put slurs and generalized ad-homs in their place, you just can't believe it's not comedy.

Ron Unz delivers truth, wrapped in dry wit.


   White Racialism in America, Then and Now

      One morning a couple of years ago I received an urgent email from
      a moderately prominent libertarian figure strongly focused on
      antiwar issues. He warned me that our publication had been branded
      a “White Supremacist website” by the Washington Post, and urged me
      to immediately respond, perhaps by demanding a formal retraction
      or even taking legal action lest we be destroyed by that totally
      unfair accusation.

      When I looked into the matter, my own perspective was rather
      different.  Apparently Max Boot, one of the more agitated Jewish
      Neocons, had written a column fiercely denouncing some recent
      criticism of pro-Israel policies that Philip Giraldi had published
      in our webzine, and the “White Supremacist” slur was merely his
      crude means of demonizing the author’s views for those of his
      readers who might be less than wholeheartedly enthusiastic about
      Benjamin Netanyahu and his policies.

      After pointing this out to my correspondent, I also noted that a
      good 10% or more of our writers were probably “White
      Nationalists,” and perhaps a few of them might even arguably be
      labeled “White Supremacists.” So although Boot’s description of
      our website was certainly wrong, it was probably less wrong than
      the vast majority of his other writing, which was typically
      focused on American military policy and the Middle East.

Note the following extract (not in the brief quote above):

   Unz: "today’s WNs are an extremely vilified and marginalized group, with
   their ranks therefore necessarily skewed towards eccentrics and misfits"

This quote discloses an insight - that when any particular part of human reality is significantly suppressed/ vilified/ marginalized 'in the public square', the ranks of those willing to discuss that suppressed topic publicly or to be associated with that topic publicly, is "necessarily skewed towards eccentrics and misfits".

One of the greatest educational and social crimes against the goyim, is the erasing and rewriting of our history and the demonisation of our actual intellectuals of the past, even (especially I guess) those who were "fulsomely praised" by leftist Jews e.g.:

   "in 1936, a Jewish leftist fulsomely praised E.A. Ross’s long and
   distinguished scholarly career in the pages of The New Masses, the
   weekly periodical of the American Communist Party, only regretting
   that Ross had never been willing to embrace Marxism"

   "Ross was actually one of our greatest early sociologists, and his 26
   page discussion of Jewish immigrants published in 1913 was
   scrupulously fair-minded and even-handed"

   "E.A. Ross .. now largely forgotten except when portrayed as a racist
   cartoon villain by ignorant present-day academics.  Last year, I noted
   such crude treatment by Holocaust historian Joseph W. Bendersky in
   his book documenting and condemning the views of America’s
   Anglo-Saxon elites from a century ago"

   "Ross was quite plain-spoken in his views, and his long career was
   bracketed by his leading national role in major free speech issues.
   As a young academic, he had been fired by Stanford University for his
   political beliefs, a celebrated incident that led to the creation of
   the American Association of University Professors, while he ended his
   life serving for a decade as national chairman of the ACLU."

Unz's work in restoring and bringing forth our actual intellectuals of the past is a thankless task in many ways in this "modern" climate fomenting White hatred and extreme bipartisanship, extreme (false) dichotomies, and the destruction or inverting of much of our language - as Unz puts it "the severe flaws in our current climate of harsh ideological censorship".

Unz's article linked above is quite long, but naturally worth a full read if you can grant yourself the time for it.

Thank you Ron Unz, you continue to bring your best to us all, a blessing indeed!

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