grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Oct 15 00:49:52 PDT 2020

> technofascism looks kinda 'on topic' for the list.
>> As an anarchoprimitivist, I "secretly" hate technology (but as a
>> software developer use it for most of my tasks), and I hang out
>> sometimes with people who see anybody who develops or develops with
>> technology as a harmful authority.  But I don't really expect to hear
>> that opinion here.
>> Is this a view you hold?  Are you aware of there being others here who
>> hold that view?
> 	I'm not against technical developments per se. I'm certainly against the
> 'progressives' who only care about the latest stupid gadget and think that
> 'better technology' is better for people...while hiding/lying about all the
> negative aspects of technical development.

Well Perry's list bans bitcoin cryptoanarchy, libtech list only allows
promotion of gadget-democracies and anti-liberation leftist force,
and Tor Inc list censors truths from its users. So to extent any rejected's
from those are here... could do quite well, should the moment come
for people to get down to cypherpunk business. There is certainly lot of
tech permutations quietly running in mental space, integration of topical
news, idle time talking random political shit and such for fun, small
exploratory tech convos, while waiting for the next big cypherpunk
ideas to take shape from the ether.

> Hey I was distracted by being silly.
> You propose projects a lot.  I am really passionate about distributed uncensorable platforms, I'm aware of some needing dev work, and interested in making new ones.  Do you have any interest in dev work?

The US elections on TV may be distracting many people from
around the world from such projects. Benefit of govt / party
spectacles shows sillyness of govt itself. From that we
may see various old and new peoples and randoms getting
in touch coming together on various projects after the
US elections settle out. Some people here or soon to be here,
are certainly working on any number of project drafts...
And being from cypherpunks, they probably won't be projects
that Centralized GovCorp TechnoFacists would take
much liking to, lol :)

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