[At-Risk Shares] Enumeration of Reasons to Leave Github

jamesd at echeque.com jamesd at echeque.com
Wed Oct 14 22:20:30 PDT 2020

On 2020-10-15 07:35, Karl wrote:
> On 10/14/20, Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 <punks at tfwno.gf> wrote:
> Is this a view you [Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0] hold?  Are you aware of there being others here who
> hold that view?

Nothing BatSoup says can be taken at face value.  He is a shill.

He works in an  office full of shills, and says what his script tells
him to say.

His script was composed by people who don't want their enemies to
cooperate with each other, so send in people saying "Hail fellow X", who
then proceed to sow hatred and distrust between slightly different
brands of X.

Thus Trotsky tells the peasant with one cow his enemy is the peasant
with two cows, and his friend is a failed Jewish money lender from the
big city who went into politics after pissing away his business capital.

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