Tor, the pentagon's cyberweapon

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Wed Oct 14 20:30:14 PDT 2020

On Thu, 15 Oct 2020 03:48:50 +0100
Peter Fairbrother <peter at> wrote:

> I was not a part of the TOR team. I declined to join because I believed 
> (and still believe) it couldn't work. 

	and you also claimed 

	"Tor is about as good as we can get."

	So 'we' can get as 'good' as...something that doesn't work? You certainly don't need a 'team' of the 'best experts on the world' bla bla to build something that just doesn't work eh?

> I might brag about declining, if I 
> felt I needed to brag.
> There was only one military or TLA person on the initial team, Paul 
> Syverson, who had invented onion routing.
> I am not English.
	well your surname looks rather english, and you said your father was a friend of george orwell's - which of course could have been a complete lie - but whatever. 

> Peter Fairbrother

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