Re: Trump’s Deficits Are Racing Past Obomba’s

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Oct 14 17:08:48 PDT 2020


First subtract out inflation, and Corona, then account for
things Presidents did or did not have exec line control over.

Then with those more fair comparisons in hand...

Recall that all politicians in the world love to do one thing...
steal, pocket, and waste your money, even tax homeless,
the poor, children, dead people, etc.
And now they want to convert entire world to digital biometric ID's
and Central Bank Digital Currencies, to "bank the unbanked",
and to bail each other and their Corporate Cronies in even more.
Oh yes, everyone shall pay to line the politicians filthy coffers.

Here's one particularly revolting expenditure worldwide...

Perhaps someday everyone will freely pay $1 to AP, thus
convincing politicians to leave office, with you thus reaping
well over 10000x return on your $1 AP investment in form of
no politician being able to steal from people again.

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