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>>Whole Russia-Trump thing entirely fabricated from
> the start (anyone with a pol brain knew that). Initiated by
> the corrupt Hillary Clinton family, with intent and assistance
> from Fake News Media, Obamba, FBI, Deep State Intel,
> and Democratic Party Operatives, surely forward to DNC
> and candidates today. This one will be in the history books,
> right next to the scam of Government itself.
>>Trump withstood the four year long onslaught.

"Twitter Labels NYPost Hunter Biden Expose As "Unsafe", Won't Allow
Users To Share"

The Deep State... News Media, Intel, GovCorp, here Democrats...
is quite strong. Trump, or anyone else, making too many dents
in it risks getting themselves spun out, or killed.

This election may serve to give Americans the chance to shield
Trump from the Deep State by directly endorsing the #DrainTheSwamp
proposition, and letting it run full bore the next four years now that
the Democrats "Russia job" has finally been exposed in recent news.

If the election or the Swamp Drain project fails, then it would be
no different than Obama's fake "Hope and Change" bullshit, or
that from any other bullshitter before. Thus Drain the Swamp is
zero cost, potentially high reward.

#DrainTheSwamp, as a seemingly direct open public attack on the
Deep State... is a new [1] thing in the American political space, no?

[1] Relavant to "todays" perceptions of "Deep State",
as may be defined post 1913/FDR/WWII/1970/1990/9-11...

The State will never truly prosecute itself to any reducing effect,
it will take something external.

Biden, Harris, and Bernie have 100+ combined years of worshipping
the State and paying themselves a fat salary via State theft from people.

Trump is an outside businessman who can survive make his own deals
regardless of the State, to him (as with all business, bribery lobbies excepted)
the State is probably a very annoying cost and chill on business.

So which of those two is more likely to try taking it down.

If an American still views their only choices as being between
Democrats-Biden/Harris/Sanders/etc vs Republican-Trump,
it seems pretty clear they should go with the latter.

They will discover Anarchism, Libertarian, Voluntaryism over time,
in part through punk activists increasing in the internet and real world.

> The one dramatic criticism I have of Trump is that at least so far, he has
> completely failed to get the vast majority of Hitlery's and Obama's cronies
> prosecuted, as well as HItlery herself.
> ...

Probably hard to do that when the people, as you noted, who
would be hired to do the work are likely as Swampy themselves
and standing in the way till they are discovered to be useless.

Question may come down to who is out publicly speaking and
perhaps trying to do something about Draining the Swamp...
Democrats, or Trump Republicans... thus openly informing
people that shit is fucked up, regardless of the entirety
of both sides being quite swampy.

Use the answer to steer things to who is more open, to whichever
parties aren't proposing rolling out as much brand new $Trillions
of Socialism Communism new government entrenchment and
false Saviour mind programs upon the peoples that will make
things much harder to remove later on.

While at the same time continuing and growing the primary
efforts in the Libertarian Voluntary Anarchism space.

People who think that they will see or enjoy any shift
toward those in their lifetime, without employing such
multi-pronged efforts, are deluding themselves.

Sun Tzu would never rely upon one single tactic to win a war.
Neither should the LVA space.


Here are supplement doc to your link...

> Does she have "something" on Trump?

If so, it's unlikely to be political high crimes, more likely boring
bog standard old business / civilian related "crimes / dirt / muck".
Trump's time in office comes after Hillary / Obama time
of relavance. Though they might be the chosen custodians
and political deciders of whatever "something".
If they have something, the only calculation is exposing
their own political "sources and methods", given risk of a
growing "Drain the Swamp" movement, and with the Russia
hoax now being dismantled in the News so that Trump is free
to run like the wind, seems they should release whatever
they may or may not have right now. They have nothing.

Trump Team will have to push VERY hard over next two weeks
to fully break free faster than the Russia hoax is dying out.

If the people pick up on ex-Russia news, Biden's puppet frailty,
Kamala's political/pussy weakness, Democrats hardly sustainable
program largesse, 2a, choices, and everything else News Media
has been biased on, and get it out to their circles of friends and family,
he'll win.

> How many million votes will Trump lose in the election, and how many million
> will Biden gain, solely because Trump hasn't delivered on his
> "Lock her up!" promise from 2016?

Inter-Party promises are different than those directly involving and
to the people.

Corona lockdowns ([continuing] in Democrat Run Cities/States)
turned out to be an unnecessary and job/life ruining anti-promise.

Both US Parties failed early on messaging freedom preserving
means of Corona management, while Trump aligned more along

> I just saw a news item about some newly-discovered emails indicated that
> Hunter Biden introduced Joe Biden to some people at Burisma. Hunter Biden
> introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at
> a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured
> government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was
> investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post.
> "Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

People knew that was corrupt as fuck ever since they
learned Hunter joined board of a Russian company
while daddy Joe was either in or contemplating office.

If Trumps are smart, they will have banned themselves
from engaging in such "new business" for the duration.

Though the people who lived around and did 1776 wanted something,
it surely wasn't Socialism Communism Marxism, the Democrats,
Biden AOC Sanders Clinton Obama etc, nor even today's level of
Government entrenchment and intrusion.

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