Li Chenxi, from 13 years old in China, tells her story -- re "Will Confucius Marry Marx"..

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Want an understanding of the human qualities which may be developed in the face of suffering, persecution, living in fear and the rest?

Need a reminder of where things can go?

Nothing quite like a true story.

See 'Tube below for the true story of Li Chenxi, beginning when she was 13 years old in China in 1998, and her family were arrested and her father was beaten in front of her for participation in a "home gospel reading".

In this retelling, she walks us through this and subsequent big events in her life, including jail, humiliation and torture, up until around 2014

   "In China, a sense of fear permeates everything."

Create your world,

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Dear Pepe Escobar,

I really appreciate your writings, and most recently your piece "Will Confucius marry Marx?" posted at Asia Times and reposted at The Saker and (at least).

With the descent of the USA empire into significant chaos and uncertainty, the cries against (e.g. Trump) of "so much Sinophobia" have felt a little unbalanced over the last year.

This article of yours has brought some genuine balance to this public conversation - there are real, even foundational idiological, issues re China, and it is counterproductive to sweep them under the rug and thereby imply "don't worry about China, trust China, China is just fine".

The first step to moving to solutions to problems / to a better future, is understanding the problems of today, and to this end your (and others of course) work in deconstructing and analysing these problems around the world, is really valuable.

So thank you, I appreciate your work.

A good friend recommended the following, which I have just watched:

   2020 Christian Movie | "Branded" | 28 Years of Bloody, Heart-rending Persecution by the CCP

It's a retelling (or dramatization I guess you call it) of one girl's true story of being a Christian in China beginning when she was around 13 years old in 1998.  If you have not seen it yet, it is a historical snippet that is part of a jigsaw.

It appears to me on this viewing that the CCP is sowing the seeds of its own demise.

Kind regards,
Zenaan, from Australia

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