Cryptocurrency: Central Interest Rates Toward Zero, Poisons, Distastes, #DrainTheSwamp

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Tue Oct 13 01:05:19 PDT 2020

On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 02:37:32 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> > "President Donald Trump now wants the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates to zero or below."
> >
> Year old article though still relevant.


> A forever zero interest rate would mean neither side profits,
> nor the middleman known as the Fed, thus Fed eventually
> bankrupts itself from costs of being a pointless passthrough
> operation. 

	I can't believe the turd keeps embarrasing himself, now babbling nonsense as if he was some kind of doctor. 

>zero interest rate would mean neither side profits,  nor the middleman known as the Fed

	wut. The turd doesn't seem to know that 'interest rates' are always subsidized and below what an actual free market would pay. So, if the US central commie bank 'sets' the 'rate' at, say,  5%, rest assured that the actual rate in a free market would be a lot higher. Likewise, setting it to 0% or less than zero simply means that the subsidy is bigger. The lower the rate, the BIGGER the 'profits' that govcorp steals. 

	of course 0% and lower rates are even more insane than ordinary because they mean that 'people' are be penalized for saving. (if the money came from savings, which of course it doesn't)

	the bottom line here though is that the orange monkey calling for 0 or below 0 rates is a glaring example of economic insanity, INTERVENTIONISM and 'SOCIALISM'.

> costs of being a pointless passthrough operation. 

	Again, let me underscore that the turd doesn't have a fucking clue. The LOWER the interest rate gets, the HIGHER govcorp 'profits' get. 

	Of course, the trumpofascist turd is babbling this nonsense to try to gloss over the fact that the orange monkey is calling for more insane subsidies for his wall street cronies. 

> Sweet spot for American economy has been around 2-5% 

	more idiotic meaningless jargon. 'sweet spot' 'flying pig' 'libertarian'


	if you drain the US cesspool, then all the turds die, just like fish would die if you drained the sea. 
	What kind of infinitely dishonest fucktard would pretend that the emperor turd of the cesspool would 'drain' his natural habitat and kill himself and all his cronies? 

	no 'grarpamp' - your country is the biggest cesspool in the universe, full of shit to the brim and trumpo is adding trillions of tons of new shit. But I guess in your little mind flooding the cesspool with more shit is draining it, and war is peace. 

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