USA 2020 Elections - no, 'grarpamps' rethuglican vomits.

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> Obama's mal-administration, the Federal Reserve dropped the prime rate to almost 3.25, and then raised it sharply in that final year:  Obama was, of course, on his last term.

	so? What has obomba got to do with anything here, exactly? 

>  So, in the first year after the vote went for Trump, the prime rate went from 3.75 to 4.5 bla bla bla bla 


> You know, it really appears that the Fed was very much on the side of Obama, and later it was very much against Trump.  Almost as if it was trying to SABOTAGE the economic recovery. 

	what - are you talking about - exactly? That 'sabotage' 'appears' in your mind only. 

	Now, the 'document' I quoted and linked clearly shows that orange monkey trumpo is a  'radical keynesian' who wants the central bank to 'subsidize' fake 'credit' with negative(!!!)  interest rates. And anybody who knows the A of the ABC of political economy knows that's fucking insane.

	Do you think you have any comment on THAT? Please do not go into an irrelvant tirade about obomba. You already embarrased yourself. 

> The Fed's treatment of Obama was the domestic, economic equivalent of Norway's giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize upon his arrival at the White House, long before he had done anything arguable justifying that highly-misplaced 'honor'. 

	Obomba got the 'peace price' because of his loyalty to the US military industrial complex, the backbone of your nazi government Jim, and your nazi US 'economy'.  

	But I guess all your screeching about obomba has only one purpose. To completly deflect attention from this fact : 

	"President Donald Trump now wants the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates to zero or below."

	Here, another point for you to join, see what kind of picture you get. From the commie manifesto :

	"5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank
with State capital and an exclusive monopoly."

	Not even marx called for negative interest rates tho.

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