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> Andrew Anglin, just as David Duke, is a trooper - in the constructive,
> persistent, creative, mission focussed and mission critical sense of
> that word.
> Word deconstruction of the day: Anglin - the Angel Within.
> Anglin is often vehement, often (oh horror of horrors) guilty of
> 'shock comedy' in its various forms, yet remains at all times an
> example for others, an encouragement to lost Souls to Find
> Themselves™©®, th
> at timeless imploration to find you're own "angel within" - your Soul
> by any other word.
> Let no man come between you and God.
> Andrew happens to be quite the artist, and has for some years put his
> skills to great use in service of his causes - in the face of (as many
> of us have experienced, and continue to experience) incredible op
> position, de-monetization, censorship, and even MULTIPLE thefts of
> domains, beginning with some years back.
> David Duke's journey has been no less epic, nor any less RIGHTEOUS and
> PRINCIPLED and conducted in DIGNITY, notwithstanding the haters who
> fail to either read past the "mainstream" demonisation to the actua
> l source material, or further into any depth, to discover the true,
> and absolutely epic pathos, truth and facts, principles, history of
> discovery, failure, and lifting oneself up 100 times in the face of be
> ing beaten down again and again, over and over.
> For those able to get past the "mainstream" demonisation propagandia,
> a trove of truth, righteousness and principled men are in fellowship
> in this training we face, the epic setbacks, the dark nights of the
>  Soul.
> Would you have it any other way?
> Get past the crap, the shock humour, the salty language, and gems
> sometimes appear:
>    Many Women Write Love Letters to Man Who Killed Pregnant Wife and
> Two Baby Daughters
> from fellowship to shared principles, journeys worthy, to the
> discovery of inherent dignity, notwithstanding.
> Can you undo your own internal "I'm triggered" program?  Yes, the
> journey is sometimes confronting...
> If you have a moment longer, take a moment to appreciate that which,
> in this particular case Andrew Anglin brings to the table, an eternal
> offering to one and all:
>    The First Episode of Raised by Wolves is the Single Best Piece of
> Audio-Visual Entertainment I’ve Seen in Years
>       .. There are hints within the film that it contains some forbidden
>       meaning, symbolism, depth. As far as I am able to tell, this is an
>       absolute bluff. A pretentious attempt to turn the viewer into Stanley
>       Fish, projecting his own meaning onto the material, which is left
>       purposefully vague and opaque. But I know better than to expect
> anything
>       more than a hint at depth. I am content with simple beauty, and a
> curt
>       nod to the idea that something could conceivably exist beyond the
> bounds
>       of the utopian Marxist hell in which we currently reside.
>       The entire first episode is available for free on YouTube in full
> 1080.
>       I have only watched the first episode, and I cannot imagine that it
> gets
>       any better in the remaining nine episodes (all of which have been
>       released at time of writing). I may eventually watch more of these
>       episodes, though I do fear it will pollute this first one, which
> means so
>       much to me now. I know that none of the threads introduced will
> unravel
>       into anything beneficial. I know it because that is impossible now.
> The
>       series was made by HBO, and they would never allow it, nor do I
> believe
>       that the writers would be capable of transmitting meaning even if
> they
>       were allowed to do so.
>       Watch it. Don’t look for meaning or expect anything from it. Just
> enjoy
>       that it manifests beauty, and that it hints at the forbidden beyond,
> in a
>       time when neither of those actions are permitted. It has broken the
>       rules, and that is a monumental accomplishment.
>       ...
> [if someone would bundle that as a torrent, that would make it
> available to us Ossies... TIA]
> Assuming everybody's favourite orange swamp drainer remains after Nov
> 3, short of any more practical alternative appearing, it shall behoove
> us to start packing any and every "weak" seat with red hat wearin
> g swamp drainers, targetting 2022.  Every weak fence sitter who holds
> a seat in any house, whether red or blue, shall be targetted for 2022
> replacement by memeing, decorum grabbing, shirt eatin grinning, ac
> tual swamp drainers.
> We live in the world we currently have.
> Our task is to take stepc to move diligently with our fellow Souls
> towards the world we want.
> Take no shorncut, read whan you must read, learn what you must, meme
> what you must.  We collectively have a chance to shift the game big
> time...  no longer will the halls of power be left to those who direc
> tly oppose us.  Seize the moment - seize YOUR moment...
> If you failed to properly read the above, go back and read it
> properly, for the sake of the world YOU wish to create.
> Create [y]our world muffa's ;)
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