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Karl gmkarl at
Mon Oct 12 11:08:50 PDT 2020

On 10/12/20, Stefan Claas <sac at> wrote:
>> Why do you not use naclbox to communicate all the time?  Couldn't it
>> even be used for the cypherpunks mailing list, if the mailing list had
>> a shared receiving private key, to verify that each person is saying
>> what they intend?
> Well, I often receive message in PGP format, because I still have a key
> pair for GnuPG. Otherwise I already use NaClbox with friends in Germany,
> the United States and Canada. :-)
> Regarding the ML, I think the list-owner would not be amused and probably
> many subscribers would not like the idea either. For that people could use
> the Usenet group alt.anonymous.messages with a shared hashed subject (hsub)
> in order to fetch messages, from a.a.m..

I want to visit your link except what you said makes no sense to me.  I think
this subscriber crowd would leap on the idea of a nacl-based mailing list.
Everybody knows that email is a crummy, weak norm.

I'm going to wordwrap this whole message, pipe it to sha512sum, and encrypt the
hash to your key.  I'll paste it in to a terminal and end it by hitting ctrl-D
on a blank line, then add a new blank line and the cyphertext at the bottom.
Would you be interested in verifying the checksum?

Here's the encrypted message you sent me, decrypted and rewrapped.  I don't
remember how many characters e-mail wraps to, this is my vim default.

Would you be willing to reply encrypted, so I can have more confidence the
reply has not been altered in transit?  Would you be able to include my message
in your reply, so I can know that you are replying to the same words that I
sent?  A man in the middle could have also made a naclbox identity, and if so
we would want them to copy our words accurately.

Sure, no problem. But as I posted this key I currently use is a *test* key on
my online computer.

Best regards

> Regards
> Stefan
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