Trying to Connect with a Hacker Online

Karl gmkarl at
Mon Oct 12 09:10:19 PDT 2020

On 10/12/20, Stefan Claas <sac at> wrote:
>> In the next possible episode, we would either make a sourcefile to
>> send a message to the hacker by again copying from that same website,
>> or find a pre-existing tool that already does so, and then try sending
>> a message to see if we even interpreted their signature at all
>> correctly.  We might also make an embarrassed reply, asking what their
>> signature means, or search the archives of the list to find a clear
>> explanation of it sitting there.
> Hi,
> modern programming languages like Golang have the NaCl crypto library
> already included.
> An easy to use NaClbox application to use is for example:
> Regards
> Stefan
> --
> NaClbox: cc5c5f846c661343745772156a7751a5eb34d3e83d84b7d6884e507e105fd675
>   The computer helps us to solve problems, we did not have without him.

$ go get
$ ~/go/bin/box
box help
box new-identity [-name NAME]
box add-peer -name NAME -key PUBLICKEY
box list [NAME ...]
box seal [-from IDENTITY] -to PEER <MESSAGE >SEALED
box open -from PEER [-to IDENTITY] <SEALED >MESSAGE

Error: Command required
$ ~/go/bin/box new-identity
$ ~/go/bin/box list
self  identity  c72e81da09e333bc8804205bcfcf3bd8821cad61ad862d57114339e5ee00a664
$ ~/go/bin/box add-peer -name stefan -key
$ ~/go/bin/box seal -to stefan > message.sealed
Stefan: did you get this?
[Ctrl-D to terminate entry] # I also changed something minor in the
encrypted message, to support private communication.
$ xxd -ps message.sealed

Stefan, 0200000076304200000031c2f6d6329d2d26347613cb5e9c8f3e1848b707
078aba0045b435e25859e8b8814d7658 ?

- karl's-rhel7ae25thinkpad-that-mysteriously-freezes-up-when-he-leaves-it-online,
naclbox c72e81da09e333bc8804205bcfcf3bd8821cad61ad862d57114339e5ee00a664

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