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Karl gmkarl at
Mon Oct 12 08:36:57 PDT 2020

Received this reply late.

On 10/12/20, John Young <jya at> wrote:
> Use of any online or digital programs and/or devices for
> comsec/infosec should be avoided unless completely enclosed and
> transmitted with non-online or non-digital means. There are a number
> of non-onlne and non-digital means available, the first and most
> reliable is your brain so long as it is not contaminated with belief

This shows that this guy has never been [s/hit in the head with a
baseball bat by a corporate goonie/forgetful/] or at least is too
[s/embarrassed among all these hackers/scared among all these
international influences/] to talk about it straight.  Brains are
reliable because they teach us how to jump into burning dumpsters to
escape being hunted by goonies, not because they can store anything

> in online and digital prejudice now over a century in promulgaton.
> The principal efforts for this promulgation is computers, coding,
> obfuscation, propaganda, arcanity, scientism, residual astrology,
> confidence gaming, spouting mantras, i.e., "cypherpunks write code."

You can tell this guy is a legit hacker because he is proposing to
write software instead of doing anything else.  He's even reminding us
that it is expected that everybody here has that opinion.  I can't
really understand most of what else he's saying.


I typed this into duckduckgo ("cypherpunks write code") and got
results that look really great to me.  I haven't tried google,
although usually I do try to [s/brainwash myself permanently in the
databases of people who hate my values/work with any success with my
corporate friends/] with it.

> This oh so cool mantra derives from the magicial, bewitching
> lodestone "national security," the abiding weapon of nations governed
> as royalty, heirarchical, the few overlording the many with force,
> elections, education, faith and trivializing deriviatives of
> entertainment, media, chat, parties, militants, rebels,
> revolutionaries, independents, intellectuals, geniuses, "democracies"
> ruled by  kingdoms of presidents, congresses, courts.
> Nonetheless, always a nonetheless apologia for top-down regimes, far
> more rewarding to cooperate with authorities than to defy them, more
> lucrative too. So backdoors in crypto, each and every version, must
> be inherent code, along with outpourings of assurances there are
> workarounds to escape the many and be one of the few. Today, that is
> marketed as "smart."

Some of these words are likely a pretty avenue for new upcoming
hackers, like looking at a sunrise.  If understood, you might be able
to use them to [s/manipulate everyone using google into ignoring the
cypherpunks movement and becoming corporate workers/make peace with
the people here who seem able to out-hack you/].

It sounds like he's also saying that cypherpunks is totally coopted by
government.  Maybe we should ask them if they can help us with our
[s/spy mafia/forgetfulness/] issues?

Noo .....  we know that govcorp is bad because it has [s/ripped our
bodies and communities to shreds/raised prices on important things
that people need/].  If this guy is a legit hacker (which is implied
by his "cypherpunks write code" expression), then by talking about
valuing backdoors in everything and national security, he would be
being _obviously sarcastic_, _begging for help_, a _corporate goonie
smart enough to say "cypherpunks write code"_, or most likely has been
_coerced by extensive mean experiences stemming from corporate
goonies_.  This means he is somebody who can help us, and somebody we
can help, both!

> At 06:23 AM 10/12/2020, Stefan Claas wrote:
>>Karl wrote:
>> > After finding a good candidate airgapped device, you'll want to be
>> > careful with how you use it.  Remember, whenever a new vulnerability
>> > is found, trojans cover the world taking advantage of it, and then try
>> > to find a way to hide inside the corners of all the systems they find.
>> > So, any drive you put in your new device, anything you plug into it,
>> > any update you apply, could be filled with computer-measles that would
>> > find a way to trick it into giving remote control to them.  Keep it
>> > isolated until you have things set up for use.
>> >
>> > The next step after getting a reasonable airgapped device, maybe a pi
>> > zero, and ideally keeping it isolated, would be to install gnupg on
>> > it.  Maybe in a forthcoming email!
>>GnuPG should be already installed with Linux (Raspberian OS etc.). The
>>thing I would like ask you, how would you communicate securely with your
>>air-gapped device?
>>What I did in the past was to install on the online device and offline
>>device the free (cross-platform) software CoolTerm and I connected both
>>devices with an FTDI USB to USB cable, so that I could do serial
>>and was also able to see how many bytes (from a PGP message) was
>> transfered.
>>Another approach I am currently playing with is to play with NFC tags and
>>a reader/writer device, which can be used offline as well.
>>NaClbox: cc5c5f846c661343745772156a7751a5eb34d3e83d84b7d6884e507e105fd675
>>   The computer helps us to solve problems, we did not have without him.

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