Building Tor from Source

coderman coderman at
Sun Oct 11 13:25:44 PDT 2020

note that this is only building little-t tor the application, and not a whole bundle, like Tor Browser, which includes the launcher app, and a modified Firefox, and tor.

regarding configure, some other options that might be useful building against your own libs, and on win32:

./configure --prefix=/src/$TOR_DIR \
            --with-zlib-dir=/src/$ZLIB_DIR \
            --with-libevent-dir=/src/$LIBEVENT_DIR \
            --with-openssl-dir=/src/$OPENSSL_DIR \
            --enable-shared \
            --enable-threads \
            --enable-local-appdata \

adjust accordingly, and ./configure --help for list of opts.

best regards,

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On Sunday, October 11, 2020 4:50 PM, Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:

> @zen i see the value of putting it in a git repo; i made some
> misleading typos. should be fill-in-able though.
> On 10/11/20, Karl gmkarl at wrote:
> > I'm too busy [s/reverse-engineering microchips from live
> > bombs/doddering around confused/] to know how to compile anything from
> > its source....

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