Death To Free Speech In The Netherlands -- Re: freedom of speech - from Australia to The Netherlands - Geert Wilders criminal trial, opening statement

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Sat Oct 10 17:10:51 PDT 2020

Some wise and historically relevant words re our fundamental right to freedom of speech - "the town hall test" - more:

   Death To Free Speech In The Netherlands - Again
      Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute

      .. There was no nod to the primacy in a free society of being able to speak freely without the fear -- as in the former Soviet Union -- of being hauled into court by the state. As the Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky stated:

         "But for all of us it was absolutely obvious that we all wanted to
         live in a society where people can.... present their views... and not
         to be punished for this. It is called the town square test, where
         every person can go in the center of the town, say what he or she
         thinks, what she believes, to insist on their right to promote these
         views, and will not be arrested and will not be punished for this. And
         if that is possible, that is a free society. If it is not permitted it
         is a fear society. And there is nothing in between."


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> Nationalism is a thorn in the side of the hegemonic empire, and the
> simple question, when you are a watched / listened to human, can land
> you in criminal court, as Australia's Bernard Gaynor knows only too
> well.
> (Besides the comments, this only links to the video above:
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