USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Oct 10 03:40:21 PDT 2020

Fun with Lies from Geriatric basement dwelling
two-faced BLM violence socialism sponsoring
fearmongers and snarky lying prosecutors... Biden the Lifetime Liar Black America says Be
Careful Who You Vote For re Kamala Democrats Biden and Kamala
Lie ALL THE TIME Kamala the Smarmy Bitchy
HR Rep Lies Her Ass Off Biden Old Creepy Mean, and
a Gun Grabbing Thief Kamala the Smiling Liar
Guarantees Riots, Joe's Taxes Dems Lie about Accepting Funds Biden Forgets to Lie Pelosi Lied SOTU Biden Lies and Forces
Medal on Soldier Kamala Persecuted Pot
Smokers and Death Row Blacks Hate Dems Lies and
Condescending Insults Kamala Lies Religion Biden Pandering Lies Democrats Dodges Corona to
Get Nominated Biden Lies Foreign Influence Democrats RUINED THEIR
CITIES in LIES 35 of top 50 most populous Biden and Democrats SOLD
OUT TO CHINA "We want to see China rise" Kamala lies about what
Infringed means, exploits emotions... Colion Noir destroys Kamala's
Democrat Lies and Illogic

Democrats will not raise your taxes?!? Most famous lie ever, LOL.

Terminal condition, dying, dead... Bye Bye Biden. --McLaughlin

Never trust the smiling Democrats!
And never, ever, *EVER* trust a prosecutor! Democrats and Deep State
Wiped Their Phones of Guilt Recall and See Through Joe
Dems Bullshit ... Judge Jeanine Busts Balls :)


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