after Rona, DemonRats will lock us down hard for "climate change" -- USA 2020 Elections: Thread

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu Oct 8 16:21:21 PDT 2020

The literal eternal lock down, for "climate change" even after COVID, is coming folks, should the DemonRats defeat populism:

   Who had liberals floating climate change lockdowns? Because liberals are floating climate change lockdowns.

Some folks think it's all a joke, and in some real ways they're right, but fact is that fascist corporatist socialist communist extremist crap, beyond what we see today, is coming down the pipeline should the DemonRATs again gain power:

 - compulsory vaccinations for all

 - compulsory microchipping for all in the back of the hand or the forehead

 - no buying nor selling except that you have the compulsory microchip

 - all dissent and dissident voices locked up, or dead

 - only authorised "dissidence" permitted

 - the end of cash and anything cash like - all digital currencies hard regulated

 - all travel extremely limited, monitored, tracked, controlled

This is a serious moment in history with very serious consequences should sufficient numbers of VOTErs fail to heed this moment.

Good luck, and stay ahead of the curve.

Seriously consider being not in any city in early November, "just in case".

And good luck and God speed fellow Souls,

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