Kaspersky discovers a China virus, of the UEFI type - :O

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Oct 6 04:49:47 PDT 2020

Another China virus ("read my lips: Chai-nah vai-russ"), this time going all the way down to the mobo's UEFI:

   Kaspersky Finds Sophisticated UEFI Malware in the Wild

      ... MosaicRegressor .. The infection was discovered on just two
      computers, both belonging to diplomatic officials in Asia. The full
      exploit chain is long and varied, allowing the attackers to load multiple
      modules to control the target system and steal data. However, it all
      starts with the UEFI loader. On each boot, MosaicRegressor checks to see
      if its malicious “IntelUpdate.exe” file is in the Windows startup folder.
      If not, it adds the file.

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