USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Oct 5 00:46:40 PDT 2020
Proud Boys protecting a transwoman friend. BLM beating up a
black friend. The truth has always been clear to me. #ProudBoys
#TransLivesMatter #BlacksForTrump #BlackLives #BlackLivesMAGA
"Proud Boys with LGBT = Lotsa Gays Back Trump"
"Gavin and Milo Sucking Face"
"Black + White + Gay = Trump"
The proud boys are not White Supremacist. The left hates them because
they embody masculinity, patriotism, faith & the instinct to protect &
defend. The left’s agenda in the past decade has been to feminize men
into pajama boy & portray masculinity as toxic #ProudBoyTrump
Difference between Antifa and the proud boys protecting
community businesses , you leftis are just sick in the head
Oct 1 2020
Twitter suspended @enrique_tarrio so he can’t even defend
himself while democrats and Never Trump goblin “conservatives”
attack him and the Proud Boys.
When did they do this?

Democrat Biden Media Bogus Narratives = Rekt

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