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Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and BLM Opal Tometi... pic: Communist Love

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> A simply -great- exposé of the virulently anti-White origins of BLM.
> Thanks Gil :)
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> The White Man Behind Black Lives Matter
> YouTuber Mr Reagan says, "People think Black Lives Matter is a
> grassroots organization born out of the Black community but this is not
> remotely true" and in this video, he does a deep dive into BLM, which he
> calls, "A racist organization, the stated purpose of which is the
> destruction of Western civilization, which they refer to as
> 'imperialist'.
> "They're anti-American, anti-family, anti-heterosexual, anti-christian,
> sexist against men and racist against white people. They are 100% a hate
> group. In their own words, they want to 'Disrupt the Western-prescribed
> nuclear family.'"
> Black Lives matter was putatively founded by three women of African
> descent, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrice Cullors. Cullors trained
> for many years at the Labor/Community Strategy Center, founded by former
> Weather Underground member, Eric Mann, who called it a "center for
> revolutionaries."
> Cullors' mentor, Eric Mann is a grandfather of the social justice
> movement and a former member of the violent domestic terrorist group,
> the Weather Underground, which bombed several Federal buildings during
> the 1970s, including the Capitol and the Pentagon.
> The Weather Underground was led by Bill Ayers, who gained renewed
> notoriety during the 2008 presidential election, when it was revealed
> that his path had crossed with Barack Obama's at the Annenberg and the
> Woods foundations at the kick-off of Obama's meteoric rise. As we've
> recently discussed, American oligarchs have been actively financing
> Communist subversives for over a century.
> In many ways, Black Lives Matter is a resurrection of the Weather
> Underground. The practices of maximum property damage and extreme
> anti-white racism originated with the latter. Mr Reagan says, "According
> to Wikipedia, the Weather Underground adopted the belief that all white
> babies were tainted with the original sin of skin privilege, declaring
> that all white babies are 'pigs'."
> So, Eric Mann was the mentor of Patrice Cullors, Founder of Black Lives
> Matter, which has the same basic philosophy and tactics as the Weather
> Underground. Mr Reagan says, "Keep in mind that Bill Ayers, Bernadine
> Dohrn and several other members of the Weather Underground eventually
> became university professors...
> "There is a theory amongst Marxists called the 'Long march through the
> universities,' and the idea is that if Marxist ideas can be taught to
> several generations of university students, then eventually, there will
> be a cultural shift towards Marxism - and this has been effective, as
> we've see. Ironically, it might be Eric Mann who has had the greatest
> impact, having germinated the Black Lives Matter movement through
> Patrice Khan Cullors."
> The organization in which Cullors met Eric Mann was the Labor/Community
> Strategic Center, which describes itself as an "Urban experiment to
> grassroots organizing, focused in Black and Latino communities, with
> deep historical ties to the long history of anti-colonial,
> anti-imperialist, pro-Communist resistance to the US Empire..."
> In other words, as Mr Reagan says, "They're against this country. That's
> their position. They stand in opposition to America...
> "Black Lives Matter seems to merely be an extension of an older
> terrorist organization, the Weather Underground seems to have the
> same motivations, it seems to have the same philosophy and it seems to
> have the same goals. Both groups seem to believe that the United States
> is evil, the police are the enemy and the country must be destroyed, so
> that a new Marxist state will emerge from the ashes.
> *"Black Lives Matter is not actually interested in Black lives. The
> organization is interested in the destruction of the country. Black
> people are merely being exploited to that end."*
> The Secret Origins of Black Lives Matter
> *Running Time 15 mins:*
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